Weekly Vinyl – Eswar ein Edelweiss

12 Apr

Eswar ein Edelweiss
Chor des Gebirgsfernmeldenbattalions 8
This is a good one. If you like marching music. German marching music. Another album I picked up in Switzerland, I initially thought that this was a Swiss Army marching band. They march and yodel. You can’t beat that. The Edelweiss in the title hinted that it might be an Austrian marching band. Deciphering the German notes on the cover, I can safely stat that this is indeed a German Army marching band. That yodels. While they march. How cool is that. The army group that is responsible for this very cool album is based in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, which is in the German alps and the site of much Canadian success on the ski slopes. There is something about the German marching band music that is compelling to me. You want to march when you hear it. I was a scout and we marched all the time. I hated it. If this music was playing I would have probably joined the army after my time in the scouts passed. This music will be my morning wakeup music now. Marching. Yodelling. Amazing.

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