Weekly Vinyl – Live from Paris…

19 Jan

Live from Paris…

I was intrigued by this cover due to the depiction of a pack of Gitanes on the cover. And the fact that keyboard wizard Klaus Schulze was in the band.
Here is an example of an obscure 1970s supergroup. This is a double album as was the custom. The band is actually called Stomu Yamashta’s Go. He is a percussionist-pianist who is credited with composing all the tacks on the album. Besides Schulze, other notables are Steve Winwood (he of Traffic, Spencer Davis group fame), Al Di Meola and drummer Michael Shrieve (Santana’s drum master).
This is really an eclectic album with each musician pulling his way. There are the eerie atmospherics of Klaus Schulze in some songs and then, without warning, what would amount to radio friendly FM tunes of the 70s. It doesn’t really work as a whole package. While listening to this album I was thinking at times, is it ELP lite? Is it Eric Clapton on an off night?
That being said, there are some great tunes on this album. Side one, which is currently playing as I write this, is quite compelling. Very prog rock – mixing influences of jazz, fusion, electronica, into a very nice bit of music.
The sticker on the cover indicates that I paid $4.99 for the album. I’d say it was worth it.

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