Weekly Vinyl – Desolation Boulevard

13 Jan


Desolation Boulevard



I think this is the first album that I bought. I might have bought it with my brother. The ownership of this disc is an issue as is much of the collection that sits in my basement. It’s not much of an issue actually.

The album was all the rage due to the song “Ballroom Blitz.” It’s a catchy tune that was featured in Wayne’s World. I thought the cover version they played in that movie was a bit lame. I listened to this album today. Nope, they got it right. I haven’t listened to this album for several decades. It is amazing what sounded fresh and powerful to a 9 year old has now lost its lustre after nearly 40 years. Listening to it now, I realize that the hubbub about the content and subject of modern rock/rap/hiphop/whatever lyrics is overblown. Check this out from Sweet F.A. (song 1 on side 2), “And if she don’t spread I’m gonna bust her head.”

This was one of those albums that was in nearly every house that had teenagers in the 1970s. It was an important album. It even has a 4 star rating on Allmusic.com. There are a few catchy tunes on his disc but nothing that really stands out. It is an album that depicts the time well – a cheepish glam-rock vibe without going all out and being glam, or hard rock. Was this perhaps one of the first salvoes of corporate rock?

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